Toyota Hybrid Vehicles Defeat Summer Gas Price Hikes

It's as predictable as the swallows returning to Capistrano; every year -- right as school is ending and thoughts turn to family vacations and a summer full of fun -- gas prices explode. Leaving the vagaries of geopolitics aside, it's pretty clearly a ploy to profit on our sense of adventure and desire to explore our beautiful country. Fortunately, the Toyota family of hybrid vehicles is here to help you strike back.

Toyota offers drivers a splendid variety of hybrid options, from the renowned Prius family to the Avalon Hybrid and Camry Hybrid sedans. For families that need more interior space for people and their gear, there's even the RAV4 Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid models that offer a seemingly unlikely pairing of SUV-capability and hybrid fuel efficiency.

Let's face it. We all would rather keep more money in our pockets, especially when we're on vacation. By choosing to drive a Toyota hybrid vehicle, you're using less gas on each trip --, especially in the city. That leads to less time and money spent refueling your vehicle throughout the year -- with those savings magnified during the summer months when fuel prices are typically at their highest.

Another benefit that comes with driving a Toyota hybrid? You learn to drive more efficiently, thanks to the special gauges and trackers that notify you of your fuel use and alert you to optimal times to go with the electric motor on its own. Plus, regenerative braking means that the energy created when you brake is stored in the battery, which increases the vehicle's charge and further reduces fuel consumption.

To learn more about the many benefits that come from driving a Toyota hybrid model, contact the team at Toyota Carlsbad and speak with one of our professional sales experts.

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