Keeping up with your car's maintenance schedule is a task often overlooked. You tend to procrastinate on taking it in for an oil change and end up losing track of the last time you had the tires rotated. Often, we don't seek out an auto-service center unless our car fails to start, we hear a strange noise, or we've been in a small fender bender. Frankly, we put off taking our vehicles in for service because we don't want to overpay or be without them for days on end.

At Toyota Carlsbad, we don't judge drivers for the tendency to procrastinate, but we want to remind them of the importance in staying abreast of the condition of certain vehicle components and having a place that can be a go-to resource for quality maintenance and great savings. Our Toyota service center can be that place for you. With a trained team of technicians, effective online booking, and ongoing service specials, the choice to put off getting an oil change will be less of a common impulse.

From deals on new wiper blades to getting your car detailed for spring, you'll be surprised with the quality you can get for the price you'll pay. Choosing to keep your vehicle looking and performing its best shouldn't be a punishment. It should be a reward, and at Toyota Carlsbad, you'll reap the rewards of efficient service, flexible scheduling and deals that will keep you coming back for routine tasks and unexpected repair work.

We know everyone is on a different schedule, so whether it works better to drop it off in the morning or later in the day, our service center hours should make it possible. We open Monday through Saturday at 7 a.m. and close at the same time each night except for Saturday in which we close our doors an hour earlier. You can skim through what service offers we have available before you schedule your appointment or call us to ask if we have a deal on the service your car needs. Mix savings with service in Carlsbad today!

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