Toyota continues to raise the bar, and as a result, Toyota serves as an automaker our customers have come to trust. This is probably why you've seen many driving around Carlsbad and why you're interested in one. Part of what makes Toyota special is its safety and performance features, and it definitely has those in spades.

Toyota continues to take major steps towards making driving through Carlsbad or anywhere else a bit safer. It has introduced features like the lane departure system that warns you if you are leaving your lane. Some models come with a pre-collision system that detects if there is a vehicle or pedestrian in front of you and warns you about it to prevent an accident. Your vehicle also senses when high beams are necessary and turns them on for you so that your vision is not compromised at any point when you are driving.

Do you want to drive in a new Toyota vehicle that keeps you safe as you travel across uneven terrain? Whether you embark on an expedition up a mountain or you need peace of mind traveling through especially hilly urban environments, you’ll be safe in a Toyota. Many models feature Hill-Assist Control (HAC) that helps you elevate your adventures in Carlsbad and elsewhere. Likewise, Downhill-Assist Control (DAC) has you covered as you travel down steep slopes. The systems provide you with an extra boost of power or braking when you need it the most so that you can focus on safely maneuvering your vehicle rather than sliding into another vehicle.

You will also find that many of the new Toyota models have great entertainment features, such as the ability to connect to smart devices through Bluetooth. This allows users to use the phone completely hands-free. Owners also get to use the impressive touchscreen infotainment center where you get to explore some of the features, such as the radio and information about your vehicle. Toyota models can also be connected to Siri, and that gives you even more freedom than you might have expected. The audio systems in some of these vehicles provide audio quality that you might not have expected but definitely deserve.

These are just some features Toyota has introduced, but there are many more. Keep in mind that these are on top of the things that most Toyota enthusiasts already expect, like dependability and a vehicle that handles the road easily. You can schedule a test drive at the dealership when you find the right Toyota after browsing our new car inventory.

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