As you've probably already figured out, leasing a brand new Toyota is a great way to get a low monthly rate on the latest and greatest that the Toyota brand has to offer. However, if that three or five-year end-of-term date is approaching, it's never too early to start thinking about your next move. At Toyota Carlsbad, our Lease Return Center is always ready to help our lessees plan for the near future.

There are four directions you can go when your lease comes to an end; buy, trade-in, extend, or return. Depending on your current needs and what you want to do, there are tangible benefits to taking any one of those options.

Buy Your Leased Toyota

If you've developed an attachment to your leased vehicle, you don't have to return it if you don't want to. Our team is happy to help connect you with a very competitive offer on your current leased vehicle that is designed to help save you thousands of dollars. After all, you already know the ins and outs of your leased vehicle, so why not invest in something you already know is going to be a wise investment. Factoring in the long-term reliability of Toyota-brand vehicles, and there's no reason to think that you aren't getting a great deal.

Trade in your Leased Toyota

If you're the type of driver that likes always to have the latest and greatest that the Toyota brand has to offer, we recommend doing a trade-in. At Toyota Carlsbad, our inventory of new Toyota models is unmatched in the entire industry. Shop from the newest Corolla and Camry sedan and coupe models. Or if you need something with cargo capacity, the RAV4 or the Highlander are smart choices for family-oriented purchases.

Extend Your Toyota Lease

However, if you're in between the idea of wanting to lease or buy, we recommend extending your lease. This way, you have more time to think it over, all while driving the Toyota vehicle you've come to be attached to. What's more, is that you'll get the same great low monthly rate, and we'll take care of all the backend paperwork for you. That way, there's no need to worry about having to contact that bank that your vehicle is leased with and you can get back to driving your leased Toyota.

Return Your Leased Toyota

Then, of course, for our customers who are ready to move on from their current lease, there is our final option, a return. Our lease return center makes it incredibly painless to return your vehicle. Simply drop it off at our convenient location and hand the keys to a member of our sales staff. So long as there is no remaining balance on your current lease, you are free to go.

Whatever your plan is, or if you don't have a plan at all, we're here to help. Our dedicated sales staff is here to answer any questions you have about what to do at the conclusion of your lease.

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