So, your Toyota lease agreement is ending, and you may wonder where you can return your car. While residents near Carlsbad, CA, may already know this, lessees who come to us from out of state can return Toyota leases to Toyota Carlsbad. Our dealership is an authorized lease-end return center where you can bring back your Toyota and take the steps towards a new lease or a purchase arrangement. Let us go over with you a few expectations from your lease-end return process here at Toyota Carlsbad.

What You'll Need to Return Your Lease


You should have received a guide to Toyota lease-end return with details about the car's current condition. It will be up to you to have all dents, dings, and scratches removed and to replace any tire with a tread of less than a certain thickness. Before you return your leased Toyota, you should schedule an appointment with our service center to address any repair needs.


Anything included when you first drove off in the Toyota should still be in the car at the end of the lease; this includes all keys, floor mats, spare tires, tool kits, headrests, and the owner's manual. Anything not supplied by you.


Before returning your lease, you should calculate the total mileage accumulated by subtracting the current odometer reading from the first reading. If you exceeded your mileage restrictions, you might incur further financial penalties. Toyota Financial Services (TFS) will be in contact with this paperwork in the form of a TFS Odometer Disclosure Statement.

What Happens Next?

Assuming your Toyota passes all lease-end requirements, you can consider the contract complete, and you will be free to start a new Toyota lease here at Toyota Carlsbad. However, should you decide you want to keep the vehicle for the foreseeable future, you can log into your TFS and receive a payoff quote. TFS will let you know how much it will cost to pay off the remaining balance of the car, which you can also streamline into a financing agreement. Many shoppers choose to buy their leased Toyota in Carlsbad either through attachment to the car or due to mileage cap exceeding.

Start Leasing Today

When your Toyota lease ends, you can bring it into Toyota Carlsbad, whether you leased the Toyota from our dealership or out of state. Follow along with the steps laid out by Toyota Financial Services for lease-end return and visit Toyota Carlsbad today to learn more. We hope to work with you soon!